Jun. 25th, 2012

levity: (mes que un club)
How do you even begin to explain the continued existence of Andrea Pirlo? Sometimes I think the only option left is to file it under "act of God", and let it be.


I love my buddy line.


There was once a time when I did not know of the existence of Lionel Messi. Those were simpler times.

This day two years ago the Best Block Ever (TM) was sitting in the second-floor corridor right above the RH Batcave waiting for Humanidades to start and Allison was talking about the footballer people were saying was the best in the world, who had a childhood growth hormone deficiency and whose medications were paid for by a club who watched him play and decided to take a chance on his future, who played for Argentina and, right, had a birthday coming up. At the time my knowledge of football amounted to: 1. the World Cup was going on, 2. you're not allowed to use your hands, and 3. whoever scored the most goals won.

Lives are changed in the most unlikely ways.

So. One day late, but it's the thought, etc. Felicidades, crack.


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