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Juan Ponce Enrile is a rockstar. And also, still, a living reminder of what it's like when brilliant people are astoundingly competent, and completely amoral.

Quote of the day is Noynoy thanking the defense for showing us all the truth. I've forgotten how addictive Philippine politics can be.
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I am beginning to understand how people become addicted to soap operas. There is nothing new or smart or beautiful in this impeachment trial, and more often than not I just want to yell at everyone on the screen to show some common sense (or, if Miriam, just to shut up), but I can't tear my eyes away. I would like to say that it's just to see Enrile and FariƱas own everyone else and make side comments to each other in Ilokano, but it can't even be explained away by that. I want to see a conviction, and that's it.

I just have to say: watching the senators pitch in their votes of convict/acquit is kind of like watching a penalty shootout. A very slow penalty shootout. It's at 10-2 to convict now. Livestream is here, if anyone's looking. Speech of the day so far goes to- I can't believe I'm saying this- Lito Lapid.

ETA: 15-3 and it's Bong Revilla and it's 16 to convict.

ETA 2: !!!!!

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RIP Gov. Nantes, who was treasurer of the Liberal Party, lost his reelection bid, and had the best smile in the history of the Philippines.
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Noynoy Aquino is going to be the next president of the Philippines. Deal with it; I'm not having Erap catch up with him. Binay might be the next vice president, oh dear gods.

As per usual I want a hundred million unobtainable things. I want Noynoy to suddenly sprout determination and competence. I want political will and common sense to start leaking out of his ears. I want Mar to overtake Binay, and fast, so that I have one less thing on my mind. I want there not to be cheating, or at least there not to be insanely rampant cheating, I want the senators to do their jobs and do them well, I want the elected candidates to be sworn into office and kept there till they get impeached, I want someone to fix up the rules for party-list candidates so that next time you can actually vote for a representative of a marginalized sector.

I want people to start doing things that are good for people, I want the Philippines to work, I want the world to work.

I'm sick of people being cynical and looking down on the Philippines and saying there's no hope and thinking it makes them realists and therefore better than everyone else. (Note: it doesn't. Cynicism is a long way away from being wisdom.) And I'm sick of being one of them. I just want not to be disappointed in people, dammit.

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Vetellano Acosta is, more or less, an unknown. He was a presidential candidate and the standard bearer for the KBL, at least before he was disqualified from the race.

People are voting for him. He's first on the ballot, that might be understandable.

The machines are counting his votes. It's a code thing, that's understandable, too.

What isn't understandable is why he has more votes than Gordon.


There was a grenade in Marawi City, an assassination attempt in Antipolo, a bunch of killings in Zamboanga Sibugay, failure of elections in Lanao del Sur and Basilan, and people are voting for Binay. Why are people voting for Binay? The man is corrupt and runs the Makati police like his personal army. And why is Erap second in the running?

Yes I am following the results, so sue me.
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Today, the Philippines elects itself a new president.

I love elections. I love the whole spotlight-stealing rough-and-tumble glamour of the three months preceding that look more like a nationwide fiesta than anything else. I love the campaign ads- really, someone ought to compile them, for future reference- and the celebrity endorsers and the candidates going from place to place, distributing wristbands and calendars. I don't know how many calendars I have. I love the way volunteers stick up pictures of the candidates everywhere they're allowed to, and everywhere they aren't, I love that half of these pictures get drawn on, I love the smiles that all look the same. I love the way no one is a loser and everyone is cheated. I love that we celebrate that the number of killings had gone down to only around a hundred.

It's ridiculous. Elections are as fun as they are violent, and they showcase the Philippines at its craziest, with all the passion people put into anything they think will be worth the while. The jingles and the inane accusations* and the political killings are all different facets of the same thing, sort of- when Filipinos want something done, they use any means that doesn't go against their consciences and leave the rules to hang, and what goes against politicians' consciences is a mystery to us all. It's crazy and stupid and utterly ridiculous, and sometimes all you can do is laugh, and sometimes you can vote as well, and hope that the vote actually gets counted, so that it can count for something.

*If anyone's interested: Noynoy Aquino actually did do something in his twelve years in the Congress. He authored the Workers Productivity Incentives Act, the Superior Responsibility Act, and the Government Procurement Reform Act. Look them up. XD


Formula for not being angry today: hope for the best, and when checking the news ignore all individual opinions. People as a whole are a good idea, but people individually not so much.
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I'll tell you the truth- I want someone to believe in.

Because Senator Aquino lacks the experience and Senator Villar lacks the credibility and when Mister Teodoro showed to at UPM to talk he spewed nothing but meaningless platitudes anyone can say any day (and everyone liked him so much I thought I was either being too critical or everyone else was just walking around with their eyes closed- but that's another story). Senator Gordon I wish I could trust but when someone's been that long in politics you start looking askance at them whether it's something they did or no, and maybe this entire mess is the fault of a system where you don't vote for the someone you like but for the someone you hate the least.

And it's not just politics and sides and stupid things like that, the stupid things that run this place. They're just the obvious places. They're only incidental. If they weren't there or if they were perfect all our problems would be coming from someplace else. I know, I know- it's a good thing that I'm still getting disgusted at the world, because as long as people are still being disgusted when disgusting things are happening there will still be hope. And I know- if you don't believe in anyone then that means that they can never hurt you.

But. But. I want to be able to say that it's crazy and it's flawed and it's occasionally completely outrageous but this is how we run the world, we can make it work, deal with it. I want to be able to give an opinion and not have to clarify that there are idiots on my side but that doesn't make my point any less valid. I want there to be things worth fighting for and dying for and a way to actually work for these things, and when I turn a page of an old journal and see the words "Dear God, life is hell" I want to be able to yell that NO IT ISN'T.

There will always be idiots, and the fact that people are people means that this crazy vortex pit that is the world will go on being what it is, capable of more hell than any hell can ever come up with, and occasionally of more grace than heaven can ever dream of. All I want is for maybe that occasionally to show up more often.


I want? A Sam Vimes to my Lord Vetinari. I need to know that there is one good person, out there, somewhere. Preferably working for me as I rule the most powerful city in the world and let him do what he needs to get done. But you're getting ahead of yourself there, Jillian Lee. The point still stands, though.
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I know Manny Villar has a new jingle, but it's the old one I still hear people singing. I've heard it as a rock tune and as a rap and even as an operatic aria and if I hear it again in any way, shape, or form, I might have to stuff cotton into my ears because I might actually sing along.

And here I'll say what everyone in the Philippines knows: you have to give Villar credit for knowing how to pick out talent, or at any rate for knowing how to pick advertising agencies.


Let it be known to all men that this afternoon we had no PE and I did neither study nor have physical exam nor sleep. You learn something new every day, after all, and today I learned three things, and one of those was that Pokemon will always have a special place in my heart. I have a Zephyr Badge as a result of my afternoon's endeavors.

The two other things are: 1. the root word of "karanasan" is "danas", and 2. there are always good and honest people, or at any rate there are always people who are good and honest in the only way they know how to be.


Thank you Mr. Reodica for the lunch, the interview, and the Comm3 grade. I don't know about my groupmates, but my gratitude knows no bounds.

Also, the view from the 34th floor of LandBank is awesome, never mind that it's Manila Bay and up close probably the aforementioned dagat ng basura.
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I love elections. I have a grand total of four calendars, one notepad, one Volunteer's ID, and too many flyers to count even if you wanted to so that your grand total would actually be a grand total. I wish they'd had the foresight to hand out fans as well, but yeah. Moral of the story: if someone gives you a notepad, you take it, no matter whose picture is on the cover. Especially if it's free. Especially especially if the paper is nice.


Apparently I cannot be inspirational to save my life. Neither can I outline a speech that has not yet been written, even if I'm the one who's supposed to be writing it.


Dear Calculus,

Yes, I'm passing. Yes, you're bearable. Yes, had I been two years younger classes would have annoyed me lots but since I'm not classes are just part of what makes Intarmed Intarmed. No, I still don't like you. Especially now that it's integrals time.
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Yes, that's reason enough for the Caps Lock.

Also, we got to watch Gordon- I think UPM has the talk on their website. A reaction paper for PE is a small price to pay.

Also, you know the feeling when you suddenly realise you actually know what you're doing? It's scarier than the feeling when you suddenly realise you don't know what you're doing, but it doesn't matter so much because, well, you know what you're doing.
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Honasan to Lacson: Master art of disguise
By Christina Mendez (The Philippine Star) Updated February 07, 2010 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Master the art of disguise and deception. Pray hard. Persevere.

Sen. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan, the soldier turned politician who had been a fugitive from the law on several occasions in the past, offered this advice to Sen. Panfilo Lacson yesterday, urging his embattled colleague to use his training as a former military officer and police official.

Honasan advised Lacson to “pray hard” and master the art of disguise if he does not want the long arm of the law to catch up with him.

“Persevere. Pray hard,” Honasan remarked when asked what tips he could give Lacson, his former classmate at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and colleague at the Senate who is now in hiding abroad.


 Yes, they're both senators. If countries could be run on entertainment value alone, we would be First World in no time.

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There are politicians who are just people who work in politics, and then there are politicians who are politicians.

I can't wait till the other presidential candidates go to UP.
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When you have a talk at any other school, they tell you how honored they are to have you. When you have a talk at UP, they expect you to tell them how honored you are they invited you. And then they tell you how brave you are for accepting their invitation.

No wonder everyone thinks we're arrogant.


Gilbert Teodoro could have been a politician. Okay, fine, he is a politician. He could have been a TV show host. He has the ability to say things that sound nice without saying anything concrete.

Because it's easy to say that we're a long way away from being a First World country. It's easy to say that you want health care to be available to every Filipino citizen, that you disapprove of overpopulation, that we need long-term solutions to the tens of thousands of problems we have. It's easy to say that to get anywhere close to the ideal Philippines takes time. It's easy to say that, because it's stuff that everyone knows.

It's like being a doctor who sees a patient suffering from fatigue, dehydration, lack of appetite, on and off fevers, and itchy feet. Which is the most pressing problem? None of the above, the patient has dengue. All right, I can buy that. But while you're trying to get rid of the virus you could hook your patient up to an IV and tell him to scratch his feet.

If he weren't a Gloria Boy he'd be okay. Not fantastic, but okay. I wonder what that says about us.

If only I'd had the chance to ask my question I wouldn't be here rambling. XD


I'm glad my family isn't like a soap opera. It means much less work, at least in terms of genogram.

Also today we have the legend of Karate Kid. Wala lang.


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