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Finally. After ten months of madness and torture and Algeb. and corny jokes and requirements and incompetent rule and cramming and laziness and Geom. and  new friendships and old friendships and controversies and new loveteams and new sections and pessimism and nonchalance and copying homeworks and C++ and failures and triumphs-


Okay, not really, but practically. No more exams (except for those taking postquarters slash removals- good luck to you), no more studying, no more homeworks and projects (except for some, I guess), no more C++ (at last! I have long waited for this day! ha ha...). Just intrams. And clearance. And poof! it's all over, for the next two months, at least.

It was worth living for, all the insanity of the past ten months, but it does have to end...

... and of course it seems too soon...

... but I don't think I can stand another Com. Sci. session or another test-that-I-know-I'll-score-low-in-as-soon-as-I-see-the-questionnaire. I guess the school really knows where our breaking points are. Or maybe it just plain tires of us and needs two months to recuperate.

Don't get the wrong impression, I love Champaca (yes, my classmates, you just heard/read me say/write that). And the second year, requirements and all. But it's nice to have a break from study, don't you think?

Like you actually study...


The first heart I've ever broken belongs to a catfish.

Let me elaborate. We dissected catfish this morning. Maybe dissected isn't the right term. I think mutilated would be a little more accurate. Just a little.

And we were supposed to look for its gills. So Tricia and Chii and I looked for its gills. And so we tried cutting its skin open.

Unfortunately, I was the one who wanted to cut it open. So I cut. And cut. And sooner or later blood was spewing from the catfish. But we saw the gills.

And then Sir Bioman asked us to look for the heart. We couldn't find it. So we asked him where it was. And he looked at the red blobs that had come out of the fish with the blood and said, "Dinurog n'yo yung puso niya!"

And from then on I was very, very careful with the scissors. Buti pa sina Chii at Tricia- they mutilated dissected the catfish with respect. I just cut, no matter what I was cutting.

And the funny thing about the catfish was, even though we- okay, I- had ripped its heart out, it was still moving. Pulsing. Tawa ako nang tawa. Tumitili si Tricia tuwing gumagalaw yung fish. Now, I'm not saying it was alive. I'm just saying that it was moving.

I love catfish!

"... let me be the one you call
if you jump i'll break your fall
lift you up and fly away with you into the night
if you need to fall apart
i can mend a broken heart
if you need to crash then crash and burn
you're not alone..."
-Savage Garden, Crash and Burn


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