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So the water has gone down and we are being refugees for the moment and one day doesn't seem like a long time unless floods are two stair steps away from the second floor of your house for most of it.

Of course, when there are floods, there is the:

USC ALERT- From chancy- classes and office work suspended Monday, including LU6 med.

History 5 seems like an odd thing to worry about, especially when twenty-four hours ago your front gate was underwater, but it's still one less thing to worry about.


And of course, when there are floods, there will always be relief projects by UPM students:

What  A Relief
They need your help.

Clothes, water, medicines, canned goods, soap, money... you name it, we can use it.

Please leave your donations at the MSU 2nd Floor starting TODAY.
For cash donations text Tonicci at 09323055108.

Let's pray for the country, for the people affected, and for each other.
Be safe.

UP Medicine Student Council


Thing about the Philippines is that its people know how to survive. It's called adaptation. This is crazy, but it's survivable. We are that good.


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