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Okay, I'm... not actually going to tell you the story of the house rent boogie. Too long, and I don't think I have enough equanimity.

Summary is that when we pay our rent late, we're charged a 10% penalty. This has happened five times. The penalty was waived thrice, and we paid up the other two times, but we failed to get proper receipts. This week the person in charge of collecting our payments sent us a letter asking us for all six penalties and threatening to evict us if we couldn't pay by Friday. Next Friday comes we couldn't pay the rent, and out the door we went.

(I'll stop now. Really, I will.)

I ended up having to call in the parents, and the admission of defeat plus added inconveniences was more than made up for by getting to watch them play smiling-polite-fucking-your-shit-up-cop and terse-brusque-somehow-still-polite-still-fucking-your-shit-up-cop. We talked to the collections officer, and then we had to return the next day to talk to the treasurer, but end result was that we didn't have to pay anything and that we weren't getting evicted, and maybe now people will stop calling me incompetent, because for two years they've been giving the receipts the next day because the caretaker wasn't allowed to issue receipts (he is now) and I didn't see anyone complaining about that earlier and it's not as if I want to be in charge of the bills, I just am because no one else wants to do it, and maybe someone could have offered to help me out there, or asked if I could manage things were okay or whatever because I'd say yes regardless of what the answer really was and it's the thought that counts, instead of going, Look, the bills are your problem, you deal, and then bugging me if I'd found the receipts yet and telling me over and over again that I should have asked for the recipts upon payment, like that's any use now. I get it, okay. I screwed up. I am perfectly capable of understanding that I committed an error. Moral wrongdoings are relative, errors are not. Like Pippo Inzaghi- and this is probably the only time I will be able to say that, ever, I should be happier about it- I remember every mistake I ever made. I don't need people rubbing it into my face that I screwed up.

So, okay, maybe I don't have any equanimity after all, should have stuck with the George Thorogood jokes, moving on now.


Dear Allison Noel, it might interest you to know that very many years ago today (technically yesterday, but technically still today- well, still the right day- over there) David Robert Jones changed his name to David Bowie. Happy birthday.


Finally saw the second Guy Ritchie Holmes movie today with the family. Sometimes you love stupid movies, okay. Sometimes you don't recognise yourself when you look in the mirror and all you ever feel up to doing is sleep and you just want to love something again, right, you just want to be able to hold stories in your head, and then Guy Ritchie comes along with his shiny steampunk Victorian Sherlock Holmes fanfic and you find yourself wanting to shout at Watson every time he lets Holmes out of his sight because it's a Reichenbach story, you don't leave Holmes when it's a Reichenbach story, even though we all know how Reichenbach stories end, so that's enjoying fiction as opposed to appreciating the work that went into it and what it's trying to say and how it fits with respect to its genre and its period, that's being absorbed by story and character, inner (outer) critic not shutting up (IRENE ADLER) but smiling all the while. I'd forgotten what it feels like, outside of- here I'd say fanfic, but it's still fanfic. Nevertheless, it's been too long.




The clock on the wall says it's three o'clock. Okay, that's the last one.


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