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May title ako para sa sequel sa horror movie. The Return of the Zona Pellucida.

Did proper histo lab work today, or more proper than is usually warranted, at any rate, and read through all the handouts and stayed up till one last night working on our trans on Allen's laptop, and grinned like a loon at every mention of zona pellucida, Graafian follicle, cumulus oophorus, SRY, SOX9, DAX1, at all those stupid things we'd had to Ma'am Co for, and I say Ma'am Co because there really is no other word for it. When people ask me about the structures on the slides I know the answer. I completely forgot what it was like to have that core of anger underneath my skin, slow burning and settled. It's not the halfhearted permanently-tired haphazardly-furious attempts at attempts at work I did for gastro and renal, trying to plug in a hole left by trust and words and proper sleeping schedules, and it's not the irritation that sometimes passes for determination which I took through neuro, because I just hated it so much. This is different. This is personal.

Nilagyan ko ng message sa dulo ng trans namin ang mga kasama ko sa Bio30 Summer Co Session. BAWAL BUMAGSAK. Bawal. Hindi maaari.


Dreaming in prose again, after all this time, which is something of a relief. It doesn't mean anything by itself, of course, but still.


I've put the Pod on shuffle twice this week, and both times it turned up Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. This is amusing on about the same level as my fortune cookie fortune reading "If we broaden our hearts, then we will not be so easily wounded by the slightest of things" is.


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